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T2 Tea Home

2,00 €
Product Details: 
Even the tiniest amount would be amazing. I LOVE TEA!
Give the gift of Etsy

Product Details: 
Etsy is amazing. I buy my lingerie from here, which supports small businesses at the same time. Any small contribution would be so, so appreciated!
Magic Mouse 2 — Silver

Product Details: 
I would love an external Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro. An external mouse would make editing my blogs and website so much easier! I would really love the Space Grey colour to match my MacBook- but either colour is very generous!
Powerbeats Pro — Totally Wireless Earphones — Black

Product Details: 
Absolute dream item here. I am still using Beats wired earphones (which are amazing), but I often get tangled in the cord! I would love to own the Powerbeats Pro in the Navy colour if available. I would love and cherish them forever!